Mail@Office is Multi functional Email Messaging Software fully featured mail server that provides email capability to every computer over the network.
Multi-Domains, Virtual Domains support with xml support
Powerful IMAP Email service - Centralised email Storage or archive
Supports Secure POP3 / SMTP
Backup & Restore of Mail@Office server settings
Easy Backup & Restore of mailboxes. Userwise compressed backup of emails
Message processing - Custom Rules based on any email headers with  advanced actions
System-wide global mail routing and mail filtering settings.
Feature packed WebMail interface
Multi-threaded SMTP,Multiple Mail Relay Server - Simultaneous deliveries to remote SMTP hosts
Logging/Reporting - Per service log files, datewise, searchable.
Strong Security enforcement - Restrict access to mail server with IP Restrictions,SMTP Authentication.
Advnaced User Account Options for better email policy of the organisation
Built-in Intranet Webserver
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